Sport Mazda Customer Reviews | Women Owners Reviews

Dealerships seem like the place typically associated with being an uninviting experience for most women car shoppers and service customers.

We here at Sport Mazda treat everyone equally as part of our promise to deliver the best in customer service.

Here are some Sport Mazda reviews written by some of our female customers detailing how their sales and service visits went perfectly. 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“No nonsense and willing to work with me”

I really liked working with Craig. While he was friendly and funny and personable, he was no-nonsense. I had researched the trade in and run comparisons on the car I was buying before I went there and I believe he recognized that I had done my homework and didn’t try to play games. We went back and forth a bit – that is to be expected – but, when Brad came out at the end, we had gotten much closer to where I wanted to be and I believe we were both comfortable with the deal.

I was treated with respect by all four of gentlemen I met – Craig, Brad, Cody and John. I felt that each one listened to me and tried their best to make me happy with the deal and the dealership. Also – I must mention that the car was cleaned and prepped for me in record time – that crew did a great job, too.

I highly recommend this shop – fair price, no foolishness, efficient, friendly and willing to listen to my needs and work with me. What’s to complain about?

– Dbdeltona on September 15, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Good vibes”

I appreciate not just Ellie, but everyone that works there, always has a good face on, whether work is frustrating, many clients to take care of, a good vibe is always maintained. I appreciate that, cause even if service may be taking long or not, you don’t mind cause you see the guys and gals putting a positive outlook. But overall, I like the communication amongst everyone. Good communication is the key. Thanks Ellie, and all the crew for doing that.
– Sheila Merino on September 12, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Amazing service “

Amazing people and service here. They worked with me to find the car i wanted and with my work schedule to pick it up. Incredibly friendly people too! I would definitely do business here again (: Thanks Sports Mazda!!
– Khaleesispirit on September 11, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Very helpful people”

Rob is very friendly and helpful. I feel very comfortable having this location look after my car. I have been coming here for years and plan to stay.
– Mazdagirl on September 11, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“excellent experience”

after battling with multiple mazda dealerships, I was at my breaking point. that is, until I found sport mazda. the entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and surprisingly not pushy at all — I told them what I wanted, and they delivered instantly. the gentleman helping us find the car was Earnest, and he was absolutely amazing — kind, funny, and very accommodating. I am extremely happy with my decision/purchase, and would recommend sport mazda to everyone.
– Angela on September 9, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“First visit… Great!”

The dealership offered me my first oil change for free. Even though I live over an hour away I made the trip. I was quoted a time and it stayed on point. I like that they took care of a recal I didn’t even know existed. Because I live far away I would have to make sure I got a coupon for the next visit or it isn’t worth it but if you are close its a great way to go. Got to keep our zoom-zoom going!!!
– Zoom-Zoom Beth on September 6, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“BETH is the BEST”

I went in with my dad to get a used car. Beth Alvarez provided me with the best service I have ever had at any car dealership in Orlando. She didn’t try and pressure me into getting a car I didn’t want. She explained everything to me very thoroughly.

I went in for a Nissan Altima and came out with a Nissa Altima. She explained to me the benefits of financing a car and kept my payments in a range that I could afford. She really gets to know you as a customer. I am a senior in college and I am so happy with the service she provided me. If your wondering how or why I know her full name it’s because we’re friends on Facebook. Talk about a personable saleswoman. Beth is the Best at Sports Mazda ! Oh and there insurance guy is pretty awesome too.

– Marjorie Pierre on September 6, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Beyond Satisfied”

Sport Mazda lives up to their reviews. The minute you walk through the doors you are treated as a customer and provided with excellent customer service. The salesman listen to your wants and needs, and explore and exhaust all options to deliver. Even if you leave without purchasing a vehicle, you know you were treated with respect and as a consumer, not a file number. I would definitely return and have already referred my friends to Sport Mazda. Thank you,
– SunshineColon on September 6, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Amazing Service”

I have my car since 2 days ago and let me tell you I still don’t believe it….. I can believe that this was possible, I been in this country for 15 years and in my mind always was a dream to have a 0 miles car…. But you know what is true…… I have my new Car and this was possible thanks to Beth and her team. Thank you Beth for be so helpful, faster and to make this dream come true.
– MadeleyneG on September 5, 2015, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Prompt, courteous and attentive!”

The vehicle is my fiancé’s; Melissa. I scheduled the appointment with Rob Nestor and took her car in for an alignment check after she hit a fairly large pothole.

The appointment was for 10 AM; I arrived a few minutes early. I was immediately greeted by personnel on the service drive and discussed my concern with Rob. Within 15 – 20 minutes Rob notified me that in fact the alignment was out of spec; the service department had checked the alignment in that short time.

There were several other customers waiting ahead of me for alignment. However, they had Melissa’s car back to me, washed, and I was on the road again by 11:45. I have a background in automotive service. I have to say I was pleased and impressed. This was the type of treatment you expect from upper end luxury car dealers. But my pleasant experience did not start with service at Sport Mazda; it started with the purchase. Melissa had a 2008 Mazda 6. She decided she wanted a new one. She called the local dealers and chose Sport Mazda solely on how she was treated on the phone.

We went to Sport Mazda mid-morning one day and left mid-afternoon with her new Mazda 6; never shopped another dealer! Great car, great dealership; highly recommended!…..Mark

– M&M (Melissa and Mark) on September 3, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“It was amazing”

They have excellent customer service and really know how to help you, I really recommend people to go there, I had a good experience there.. Andrew was really nice and I also left with my new car…
– Kelita 21 on September 2, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Happy owner of New CX-3”

I came all the way from Tampa to buy new CX-3 due to the limited choice of those in Tampa. Sport Mazda had the greatest variety. Mark was very professional and helpful. He also stayed late after the dealership is closed to finish the sale. Thank you for great experience with buying my 1st new car!
– Katya on September 2, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“excellent service”

Came in to get a car didn’t care if new just something with wheels I Was referred by a close friend to beth. I mean omg she amazing.very professional got me exactly what I wanted.she put me in a new 2015 Mazda 3 I’m super excited and recommend her to anybody she’s the best out there if your looking a miracle she’s the one. thank you so much beth u r truly amazing and the finance department you guys r the true people of hard work especially David Bowers.
– Anette247 on September 1, 2015 5 star rating | women owners reviews

Excellent experience I had and it was my first time

I visited sport Mazda on 2/7/15, my brother bought a car from Josh Snells previously. Before I visited Sports Mazda I visited three other car dealers and Im soooooo happy I walked away! My brother assured me I was leaving with a car that night.

I never thought I would be able to buy a brand new 2015 Mazda 3. I was so impressed to see how friendly, professional and warm the staff were. I was greeted by Josh, eye contact right away. My brother explained to him my situation and he was very helpful. He introduced us to David Flores, and he was so patient with me! I think he went inside like three or more times to get keys because every time he came outside I wanted to see a different car! I was like a girl in a candy store! So many cars to choose! I finally set for a Mazda 3. After that everything was a bliss!

Paper work was easy and so detailed. David made sure we were comfortable at all times, offered coffee, water and always with a smile. Then we met with David Bowers and he explained in detail all the support I would have to ensure I was a comfortable, and happy customer. From car service to even check the nitrogen in my tires and awesome warranty! I’m sure going to check those youtube videos. Im a visual girl!

Then we met with Rey reviewed my entire contract before signing and explained the extras. I left completely satisfied and super happy with my new car! I will definitely reffer friends, and family to David in the future! Oh and I drove 3 1/2 hrs to get my new car. I would do it again for a friend or someone that needs a car. I am a happy customer.

David made sure my car had the right time in settings and even called me today to make sure I made it safe back home. If you had a 10 star rating I would of checked all 10’s! Thank you Josh, David, Mr. Bowers and Rey! Now, I’m part of the new Zoom Zoom family! Blessings to all!

Im super happy. Best Valentines and Bday gift I gave myself this year! Blessings to you all. Jocelyn Alicea

– Jocelyn Alicea on February 9, 2015
Edmunds 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“So very friendly, professional & courteous”

I’ve had the pleasure of my second service visit of being helped & greeted by Donny. He’s very friendly & super helpful with any questions or concerns I may have thrown his way. Its a whole other ballgame most women feel about having to get our car’s serviced .. and Sports Mazda makes us feel like we aren’t being taken advantage of, which is a breath of fresh air. Donny from my experiences is always smiling & that’s nice too ??
– dvb1969 on November 16, 2014 5 star rating | women owners reviews

“Outstanding customer service”

I recently purchased a vehicle with Kerwin and from start to finish the whole process was great. As a female purchasing a car on my own, I never once felt intimidated or like I was being taken advantage of. Kerwin was friendly, approachable and upfront with me – and I never felt any pressure from him. The whole experience was actually enjoyable! Not only do I have a beautiful vehicle, the finance team were able to get me a great rate on my loan – it doesn’t get any better than that! I have already recommended Kerwin and the team at Sport Mazda to a co worker and will continue to do so! Thank you guys so much!
– Hollywolfer on September 10, 2014