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These Sport Mazda customers decided to buy from us after having unpleasant experiences at other dealers. Remember, when you visit Sport Mazda, you’re visiting’s Florida Mazda dealer of the year for the past 3 years in a row. We tend to be a little more obsessive about delivering excellent customer service compared to the average dealer. 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“excellent experience”

After battling with multiple mazda dealerships, I was at my breaking point. that is, until I found Sport Mazda. the entire staff was very friendly and knowledgeable, and surprisingly not pushy at all — I told them what I wanted, and they delivered instantly. the gentleman helping us find the car was Earnest, and he was absolutely amazing — kind, funny, and very accommodating. I am extremely happy with my decision/purchase, and would recommend sport mazda to everyone.
– angela on September 9, 2015 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“No pain, much gain!”

Bought a new CX 5 and couldn’t be more thrilled. Edwin made the whole process easy and painless. SO glad I went to Orlando Sport Mazda after getting the runaround at another Mazda dealership. No hidden fees or haggling, just an upfront excellent deal. Lifetime warrantee…bonus! They go out of their way to make you have an outstanding customer experience. Thanks Edwin!
– Margaret32 on August 29, 2015 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Thanks Sport Mazda!!”

I’d been shopping for a new car for almost a month. When I walked into most dealerships in my area, I asked for the car I wanted, year, make and model and they didn’t have it. I went to one dealership and the MANAGER told me I should lease instead of buy. I told him I wanted to buy with cash and I wanted him to give me his best price. So I showed him the other dealership prices. It’s as if he looked at me and dismissed me, so I left that place. Told ALL my friends never to buy from them. You’re loss JOHN!!

I finally went on line just outside my area. Sport Mazda was the last dealership I went too. We called before we went in. I met with Kyle Whitten whom I had spoken to on the phone. He was courteous and had the car I wanted pulled up front. My husband and I went for a test drive. Kyle answered all our questions including service and maintenance information. His manager approved the amount I wanted for my trade in and we got an added discount. They even stayed late to complete all the paperwork. We drove off the lot that day with a new 2016 Mazda CX-5. Thanks Sport Mazda!!

– Nikki Heat on August 19, 2015

Google 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“The best Mazda dealership I have visited.”

Upon entering Sport Mazda, I was promptly greeted by Brian San Pedro. We let him know we were interested in a CX-5 and he showed us a full row of brand new options immediately. We were test driving one of interest in less than 15 minutes.

I mention the timing because this was the 4th or 5th dealership we had visited that day and none were this easy. I appreciated that Brian wasn’t there to “sell” the vehicle, but rather there to listen to my needs and answer honestly. The test drive was very fun and allowed me to really see how powerful the car was. It was a very different experience than any other test drive of the day.

After test driving Brian pulled together a quote that listed the entire price breakout. Nothing about his approach was pushy or uncomfortable, but rather welcoming. This was not a feeling I experienced at any other dealership. He allowed me to leave with the pricing with no problems at all. I ended up purchasing my vehicle 6 days later. I highly recommend this dealership and Brian San Pedro.

– Amanda Sumner on August 17, 2015

Google 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“I have found MY car dealership.”

We really liked Brian San Pedro. He was very helpful, friendly, & professional. My husband and I were dreading going in to buy a car because we do not like the stereotypical “pushy salesman” attitude and how, in other dealerships, we are made to wait for long periods during negotiations, or they have tried to upsell us all kinds of stuff during financing. We were so relieved to see that Sport Mazda was not like that at all! Brian really made the car buying experience comfortable for us by listening to what we wanted to spend and getting us an even BETTER deal at the end. That is ultimately the reason why I would not only go to see him the next time that I need another car, but will also recommend Sport Mazda to everyone I know. I have found MY car dealership… Thanks, Brian!
– Natalia Kapsalis on August 4, 2015
Google 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“GREAT buying experience!”

We chose Mazda for the gas mileage and was pleasantly surprised with our buying experience! This dealership is the best we have been to! We have dealt with Mini, Chevy (2x), and Nissan and by far this is the best experience! From start to finish the people we dealt with, Kyle Whitten, our sales man, Josh Snell, the desk manager, and Rey Almonte, finance, were pleasant, easy to speak with, knowledgeable, answered all our questions, and gave us a GREAT deal! Much better than we thought we would be getting! I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing your next vehicle from them!
– BFrench on August 3, 2015 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews


I was looking to buy a car and I went to a few dealers looking for that specific car and I didn’t like the way I was treated, once I got to Don Mealey’s Sport Mazda, they treat me like their family, everything, the process was so easy, they just asked me a couple of necessary question and boom, I left driving the car of my dream, thank you guys specially to Mr. Earnest Evan.
– kevinsantana407 on August 1, 2015 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“After a long search I made Sport Mazda my family!”

Before I can praise Brian from Sport Mazda I must give you all a little back story. Four days prior someone slammed into my previous vehicle deeming it totaled. If anyone has ever been through this you will know how devastating and quite frustrating this process can be.

After the shock of it all I then went on the search for a new vehicle. At first it was rather enjoyable seeing all of the new models and choices I had. Once I seen the dollar signs it wasn’t so much enjoyable but instead stressful. Not one of the dealers even came close to what I could pay. Obviously I wanted something nice and friendly to my budget. At this point I was tired and ready for this whole process to be over. We searched and visited five different dealerships before coming to Sport Mazda.

That is where I met Brian, this tall, brown eyed, happy go lucky gentleman. He was very positive and enthusiastic as he guided me around their showcase. That is where I seen my future beauty, The 2016 Mazda 6 Touring. My first thought was “WOW” followed by “Yup! Cant afford that one”! We went for a test drive and I fell in love! I was pretty open about what I was willing to pay and Brian respected that completely. He didn’t try to sell me over my limit. And he worked his butt off trying to get the price I requested. Not only did he fight for my price but got it down to $40 less than my original car payments to the vehicle that was totaled AND he paid for LUNCH! I have never experienced anything like it! I was in and out of there in two hours with all paper work done and me driving off the lot for lunch!

I will never go to another dealership again. Sport Mazda should give a huge “Thank You” to this guy! He was the one that made this whole process so refreshing! Fantastic employee and now friend! Thanks so much!

– Nwoodyard on July 22, 2015 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Painless car buying”

After spending the majority of the day test driving and being haggled and pressured at other car dealerships, I made my way to Sport Mazda to test drive the CX-5. I fell in love with it and Edwin made the whole buying process painless. There was no pressure and he got me a great deal on the CX-5, as well as a great price for my trade-in. I will definitely recommend Sport Mazda to anyone I know looking for a car. :)
– ABCX5 on July 15, 2015 5 star rating | tried other dealers Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Great experience!”

We went to several dealerships before coming across Sport Mazda, and couldn’t be happier that we found it! We traded in a vehicle and we didn’t feel like they were insulting us with a low offer. Our new Sorento is exactly what we wanted and the warranty provided is outstanding! Brian went above and beyond to get us the best deal at a fair price. We will be telling everyone about our awesome experience with Brian! Thanks again!
– Rob and Ashley Ball on June 29, 2015