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These Sport Mazda customers went the extra distance to visit us for their vehicle purchase. Many of our out of town customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that our award winning customer service, vehicle amenities, and pricing beats the level of quality of their own hometown Mazda dealer! 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Great to have my 1st car in my life at here.”

As a foreign student who has been in United States for just a month, I have been looking for cars in several dealers at the same time. But Sport Mazda really impressed me. I first saw my car on their official website, the website is really beautifully built and there is a free Carfax Report for every car listed.

What’s more, the price is such a bargain. So I rented a car and drove from Gainesville to Orlando, and on reaching their spot I thought the long drive is worth it. Earnest has already been waiting by the door and invited us in.

He is really professional and kind, he listened to every demand and request I have and whenever there is a problem, he will figure it out for me. He is really considerate and patient, he offered me free ride to return the rented car, to the gas station to fill the tank and opened every door in front of us… But what impressed me most is the warm smile on his face, throughout the way. Even if I am buying a used 2012 Mazda 6, I feel so much respected and treated as a real local customer. And he never showed a bit of impatience against my poor English. When I drive out of the store, I have got a car polished and cleaned as new with full gas tank.

I will definitely own new cars, better cars in the future, but I will never forget the experience with my first car in my life in Sport Mazda. I really appreciate your professional service and kind attitude. And…thank you so much, Earnest.

– Jialiang321 on September 6, 2015 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Happy owner of New CX-3.”

I came all the way from Tampa to buy new CX-3 due to the limited choice of those in Tampa. Sport Mazda had the greatest variety. Mark was very professional and helpful. He also stayed late after the dealership is closed to finish the sale. Thank you for great experience with buying my 1st new car!
– Katya on September 2, 2015 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Great experience!”

We recently purchased our third vehicle from Sport Mazda. Beth Alvarez always makes it worth our time to drive to Orlando from Tampa. Great service and value!
– Geurtsk on September 1, 2015

Google 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“The best Mazda dealership I have visited.”

The best Mazda dealership I have visited. Professional and not annoying sales people as well as the finance guy. The whole team stayed late till 10:30 pm to close the sale of my new Mazda CX-3 for me as I drove all the way from Tampa after work. Will definitely recommend this place to my friends!
– Kate Galyadkina on August 28, 2015

Google 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“It was well worth the drive.”

Just recently purchased a CX-5 from Sport Mazda. I live about an hour and a half from the dealership, but it was well worth the drive. All of the negotiations were done over the phone, including my trade in. They not only had the best price within a 200 mile radius, but they offered me $1000 more for my vehicle. In the past, other dealerships have done this, only to change the price upon arrival.

It was a seamless process, and it was a pleasure to work with Luis Acre. He was knowledgeable, courteous, and timely. I would recommend Sport Mazda to anyone, and will be back to purchase my next vehicle. Remember to ask for Luis, he was the best.

– Donald Zoucha on August 27, 2015
Google 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Mazda 3 purchase”

Juan Jr. was excellent I could not have asked for better service. He knew I was coming from an hour away and had the vehicle ready for me when I arrived. Everything was as stated and the negotiations were very fair. I would definitely recommend to all my friends.
– Jon0123 on August 9, 2015 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Great Service and Deal”

We had a great experience at Don Mealey’s Sports Mazda with Juan Jr as our salesperson. He was very knowledgeable on the product and was able to give great information to help us make an informed decision. We already visited a local mazda (as we are from Tampa) but we were not convinced what we were being offered was the best deal. After purchasing our vehicle with Don Mealey, we felt we made the best decision on purchasing the car there.
– melalee01 on August 2, 2015 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Then, I did research outside the Tampa area and we found “

We had been searching for a brand new mazda6 all weekend. We even looked at other models. In our local area, the mazda dealer did not offer any additional warranites other than factory. Although I loved the model, I was hesitiant. Then, I did further research outside the Tampa area and we found Don Mealey’s Sports Mazda dealership. The lifetime warranty really appealed to us and I was looking for a red exterior with black interior. Juan Jr, who was our salesman, was great. He was very knowledgeable and gave us valuable information to decide on our purchase. You could tell he really knew the car and was able to respond to just about any question. We are also confident he gave us the best deal possible. Thank you Juan for all of your time and help to buy our new 2016 Mazda6.
– RodFam on August 2, 2015

Google 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“Absolutely the most pleasant car-buying experience we’ve had.”

My wife recently purchased the new 2016 Mazda CX5 GT from Barby Irby at Sport Mazda. What a wonderful car and an even more wonderful salesperson.. Zero pressure, no hassle and everything she promised price-wise before we arrived was exactly what she did when we got there.

Absolutely the most pleasant car-buying experience we’ve had. It’s the first time I’ve been able to let my wife do most of the negotiation while I sat by and listened. Though we live a hour away and have another Mazda dealer within minutes of us, we’d go back to Sport Mazda in a heartbeat. We actually visited another Mazda dealer a couple days prior and while we were impressed with the car the folks at the dealership left us feeling cold.

Barby and the rest of the staff at Sport Mazda made us feel we were a valued customer instead of just a paycheck for them. In our opinion you won’t be sorry for buying your next car from them. The new CX5 is one heckuva car and a fun drive.

– Warren Miller on June 1, 2015

Google 5 star rating | out of town Sport Mazda customer reviews

“The 4 hour trip to make the purchase was worth it.”

I had a great experience with Sports Mazda and Luis Acre. I purchased my vehicle from their online site. Luis made sure to get me the vehicle I was searching for. He worked out a fair price and eased my worries of buying a vehicle online. Thanks for everything. The 4 hour trip to make the purchase was worth it.
– Traci Hill on June 1, 2015