Mazda Comparisons

Don Mealey’s Sport Mazda has long maintained that a knowledgeable customer is a happier customer. Quite often, customers visit our showroom while still considering other makes or models. We have contracted with an independent Automobile Research Agency, ADVANTA-STAR, to make available Mazda comparisons of new models with competing makes, based on well-researched data.

How to access Mazda comparisons

To access the ADVANTA-STAR program, just simply click on the DARE TO COMPARE icon provided below.

Once on the ADVANTA-STAR page, simply choose the new Mazda model you are interested in and compare it to a long list of competitors. Make as many comparisons as you need to help you make an educated decision on your next new car purchase.

Don’t forget, if you need additional information after viewing your Mazda comparisons, don’t hesitate to contact your Sales Consultant or simply send us a message.

At Sport Mazda, we want happy, knowledgeable customers to make the best buying decision possible. Have a great day!

Dare to Compare Mazda Comparisons