Sport Certified Used Vehicle Lifetime Warranty | Sport Mazda in Orlando


Lifetime warranty on select pre-owned vehicles at Sport Mazda.

Buying used vehicles can be a challenge for Orlando area car shoppers. You want the peace of mind knowing that the car you’re buying will be a worthy investment of your time and money. That’s why we here at Sport Mazda offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on select “Lifetime – Certified” pre-owned vehicles that will make your car buying decision a lot easier.

Peace of Mind | Unbeatable Value | Ultimate Convenience

We’re all about giving you peace of mind, unbeatable value, and ultimate convenience in your buying experience. We stake our outstanding reputation on the promise that your qualifying used vehicle will be covered years down the road when you need it most.

The best part about the warranty is you choose which licensed repair facility you want to have your vehicle serviced! As long as it’s in the United States or Canada, the choice is yours.

Of course your vehicle is in great hands if you choose our award winning Sport Mazda Service Center where our expert Mazda technicians will take excellent care of your vehicle.

Want to learn more about our Lifetime Warranty?

If you have any questions about our select “Lifetime – Certified” pre-owned vehicles Limited Lifetime Warranty protection, check out our commonly asked questions below or ask a Mazda Expert over the phone by calling 407-851-8510.

Commonly Asked Questions


What vehicle components are covered in the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Engine: Cylinder block and head and all internal parts, intake manifold, timing gears and gaskets, timing chain/belt and cover, flywheel, valve covers, oil pan, oil pump, engine mounts, turbocharger housing and all internal parts, supercharger housing and all internal parts, engine control computer, water pump, fuel pump, seals and gaskets.

Transmission & Transaxle: Case and all internal parts, torque converter, clutch cover, transmission mounts, transfer case and all internal parts, engine control computer, seals and gaskets.

Front Wheel Drive System: Final drive housing and all internal parts, axle shafts, drive shaft, constant velocity joints, front hub and bearings, seals and gaskets.

Rear Wheel Drive System: Axle housing and all internal parts, propeller shaft, u-joints, axle shaft, drive shaft, bearings, supports, seals and gaskets.

Which vehicles come with the Lifetime Warranty?

Every select “Lifetime – Certified” pre-owned vehicle that has passed our rigorous inspection process here at Sport Mazda.

How long is the warranty good for?

For the lifetime of the vehicle! It’s that great!

How much does it cost me?

Zero. We supply this at no extra cost because we value our customers’ investment.

Is there any extra maintenance required to maintain this warranty?

No extra maintenance is required. Simply follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule found in you vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Do I have to have all of my services completed at Sport Mazda?

No. Our award winning service department (2016 and 2017’s US Mazda Dealer and Service Center of the year!) will certainly exceed your expectations, but you are not required to come here. To maintain the lifetime warranty, you must perform the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance at a licensed service facility and keep your records.

Where am I covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

You’re covered from coast to coast. Whether you have your service performed in Canada or the contiguous United States, your vehicle is covered.

Is the lifetime warranty transferable when I sell the vehicle?

No. The warranty stays with the owner as long as they own the vehicle.

Are there any vehicle manufacturers excluded from the Nationwide Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. European manufactured vehicles are excluded from the program. A list of popular brands excluded from the program can be found below:

  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • Porsche
  • Mini
  • Fiat

How does my warranty stay valid?

There are only two things you must do in order to keep your lifetime warranty valid.

The first thing is you must follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

The second thing is you must keep all copies of the maintenance and repair orders every time you’re vehicle is serviced at a licensed service center. These records must document the following items: customer name, repair order date, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), a description of your vehicle, repair order mileage, and a complete description on services performed.

If you’re already a responsible vehicle owner, these two things are already part of your car care routine!